Безопасность средств

Here at TradeX1, we want our traders to be able to focus on their investments with confidence, without having to worry about safety of funds. Protecting our clients' funds is a top priority for our service. Our traders are able to, without exception, enjoy peace of mind when they use our platform for trading.

All regulated companies must meet strict requirements in regards to capital management. We are required by law to have ample liquid capital to cover all of our deposits. Our company proudly adheres to all international standards and regulations. Every quarter, we submit financial records to the regulator commission.

Additionally, all trader funds are kept separate from TradeX1 capital. We do not use them for any purpose other than for trader withdrawals. We also use isolated servers and the highest level of protection, including hacker prevention, that is comparable to all of the banking institutions that you know and trust. When you trade through TradeX1, you never have to worry about safety of funds.