Order types

Order Types
Volume Trader
Overall Pricing Structure

Now, you have an opportunity to keep your transaction charges to a minimum by utilizing TRADEX1's Volume Trader spread along with commission cost structure. Lower Volume Trader pricing combined with TRADEX1's suggested Forex trading execution while bypassing Dealing Desk can put you in greater advantage while trading.


One of the advantages of having TRADEX1 Volume Trader accounts is the low spread plus commission fees. The combined cost of transaction is lower compared to standard TRADEX1 trading account with NDD or No Dealing Desk execution. The structure of price is formed in such a way that the overall cost is low for customers who trade huge amounts of currency. In essence, commission fees at TRADEX1 becomes low as trading volume rises.


A Volume Trader account is particularly designed for individuals who trade currency in high volumes. The commission fees are negotiable here and are determined by the trading volume every month.

No Dealing Desk

The introduction of No Dealing Desk or NDD at TRADEX1 proves to be a boon for business and customers. NDD provides a more efficient model for pricing as well as execution compared to other models used by dealing desk brokers in the Forex industry. The prices put forth by NDD are not only competitive, but are transparent and fair as well.


Through TRADEX1, customers are at greater advantage due to elimination of trading conflict of interest. With Dealing Desk brokers, trades against customers' positions are also possible. When customers lose money, these brokers may profit and vice versa. In essence, brokers can manipulate investors' orders easily and without restrictions. They may place stop orders or re-quote orders without permission. All these can be avoided by trading through TRADEX1. With TRADEX1's NDD execution model, orders are filled automatically from the price feed that shows best bid and asking price from various liquidity providers. Additionally, orders remain anonymous to the providers and all they see is market orders coming from TRADEX1.

Major Benefits

1. Market-driven and competitive prices overall

2. Anonymous order execution (No information relayed on stops. limit orders or entry orders)

3. Absence of trading conflicts of interest between investors and brokers

4. No dealer intervention or re-quotes

How Price Improvements Can Be Made With Certain Or All Order Types

Dealing Desk TRADEX1 offers Dealing Desk execution for investors dealing with low spreads for a dozen of popular currency pairs at TRADEX1. Through DDE, TRADEX1 acting as a dealer will set the price and spreads for some of the currency pairs. This way, they keep an eye on traders' stops and limits while profiting from trading losses. This is a common practice followed by Dealing Desk execution brokers, but with TRADEX1, there are always other options depending on the traders' situation and ability to take risk.