Open a Money Manager Account


Percentage Allocation Money Manager or PAMM solution offered by TRADEX1 PAMM

Trading on TRADEX1 advanced platform is done by the investment manager using a single aggregate account. Every order placed in this account is automatically distributed across multiple client accounts. The split is based on the predefined allocation instructions from the investment manager.

The features of this type of account include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Quick deposits

2. Advanced performance page

3. Opportunity to invest with more than one manager using a single investment account

4. Utilize rescue level

5. Live performance access through 'My TRADEX1'

6. Ability to withdraw daily despite open trades on master account

7. Equity updates

8. Auto chart

If you are a novice or experienced investor and planning to take advantage of the high profitability of the Forex market, but unable to do so due to the lack of time, patience or ability to fully learn the ins and outs of trading currencies or commodities, you have come to the right spot. With TRADEX1's PAMM system, you can now invest in this market through a Fund Manager who will trade on your behalf without compromising the security of your funds. You will also have full control over the funds in your account. Your fund manager will guide and assist you in selecting the investment based on your needs and budget.

Fund Managers

TRADEX1 offers a wide range of benefits for fund managers. All fees and profit or loss distributions are handled automatically through TRADEX1 platform so that fund managers are able to focus on the requirements of their clients. The fund managers can customize offers to clients, such as performance fee, management fee, early withdrawal penalty, minimum investment amount and so on. The client accounts can also be organized together with a single TRADEX1 MT4 terminal.