Oil Trading

Oil Trading

Electronic Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has been used since 2005 to trade oil electronically. A contract is equal to 100 barrels and 100 barrels is 1 Lot. Crude oil is traded using the same quantities relative to barrels with the U.S. Dollar as the base currency. (1 Lot is equal to 100 barrels)

Oil is the primary traded energy product. Oil is a great way to invest in an international commodity product.

In the past two years, sharp rises and falls have been observed not only within weeks and months, but also within intra-day fluctuations. This volatility presents you with a great investment opportunity.

Serious traders understand how this volatility affects trade. At TRADEX1, we aim to provide the trader with the best possible market conditions via multiple platforms. These platforms include web, mobile, and desktop options.


1) Use the MT5 platform to trade oil

2) Include oil in your Expert Advisor strategies

3) Research tools are provided for assistance to make informed trading decisions

4) Tight Spreads mean an Amazing Trading Opportunity - TRADEX1 works with international banks in order to bring you the best prices to be able to take advantage of tight spreads, without extra fees while taking advantage of these excellent opportunities

5) See market activity, open new positions, and place entry orders using trade charts (An easy-to-use charting system is available for you)

6) Generous Leverage - Use leverage to trade oil (up to 100:1)

7) 24 Hour English Support - TRADEX1.com speaks your language, ask for a dedicated support specialist and we will walk you through your first trade

8) No Re-Quotes - We offer on all energy products and give immediate and efficient trade executions that do not involve a new quote

9) Hedging Capability - You can go long or short oil from the same account