MAM Accounts

Money Managers Platforms

If you are looking for a good partner for you and your clients, TradeX1 will be your best choice.

There are three options that we offer that will help you manage your clients and funds. All of these options will promote trading over a number of accounts, all with a single click of your mouse.

Our knowledge can be leveraged by money managers as well as our technology and services in a way that ensures that we are delivering the very best in quality for your clients. This can be attained via use of the MT4 platform that we created and developed.

Being able to trade with your live account making use of our expert advisors. The other advantage is that if you have a client that wants to be an individual, then they can also log into the account that is created and see as it happens any positions that are open any time day or night 24 hours a day.

If you are interested in more information then please feel free to contact us via MetaTrader and MultiTerminal. Both of these platforms are designed if you are managing more than one account at the same time.

Some of the many advantages

• You are able to have as many accounts as you want.

• The system is able to handle any type of order that you can send.

• An advanced system of reporting

• A workspace that is as flexible as you are

• The ability to close all types of trades for all of your accounts

• Tons of options for allocations

• A volume that is predefined

• A volume that is determined for each order

• An equal parts solution

MAM that is Meta Trader 4.0 enabled

The R&D department at TradeX1. This is a system that takes trades and allocates them as performed by an account that is set up as a master. This is in relation as the execution at the same time to a managed slave account.

Exactly how does this work?

Once you complete the paperwork signing over to your money manager, all you have to do is a few last minute details and the rest is practically automatic.

• You can manage via an advisor or let it do it automatically.

• The system will be able to handle all types of orders that you might have.

As a slave account, you are able to trade regardless of your manager status.

• With your account, you can be controlled by a number of managers that is unlimited.

• A Manger can have an unlimited number of accounts that they manage.

• Master accounts as well as managed accounts all perform their actions via an MT4 terminal

• The of the number of multiplayer accounts can and will often vary from time to time. This can make things at times a little more confusing than they might normally be.