Islamic Account

The Benefits of No Interest

Have you been looking for an Islamic account to enable you to trade on acceptable terms? You will probably be happy to learn that our firm offers an Islamic Trading Account. According to the provisions of Sharia Law, Islamic trading accounts do not collect any extra commission, interest or rollover. According to the terms of the Islamic trading account, the transaction price will be paid in full and without any delay. The account will be free of any commission or interest and depending on the account type, you will have the exact same benefits of any other trader. With Islamic Trading accounts, there are no swaps or roll overs. There is no levy of extra commission for the management of the account. There are absolutely no extra costs. So how do you get an Islamic account and start trading today? Open a real account or demo account through the company website. Or send your account information to the Arabic help desk and they will help you get started today. Be aware that all the staff at the Arabic help desk require all account information in order to get your account started today.