Indices Trading

Indices Trading

Typically, the index of the stock market measures the value in different sections of the stock market in comparison to each other. Usually it is figured as a weighted price of chosen stock. Investors and managers of finance use the platform of indices as a point of reference to determine the growth of different market sectors to get an idea for their own strategy. Trading with CFD indices enables clients to access all international equity markets and is a very productive hedging tool. TRADEX1 is very aware of the paramount role these instruments play in the effective diversity of any portfolio. International markets can be taken advantage of with the benefits of leverage, quick implementation, and improved trading conditions for Dax, NASDAQ, FTSE, and CAC.

TRADEX1 index CFD trading allows you to trade swiftly and accurately 24 hours a day during the week, all without paying any commissions of fees. TRADEX1’s pick of 31 stock index CFDs offers:

• S&P 500 - Standard & Poor 500 monitors the share prices of the most successful 500 U.S. companies

• NASDAQ 100 - This index tracks the value of 100 non-financial companies available for NASDAQ trading

• FTSE 100 - The FTSE 100 is a group of 100 of the best and largest publicly-traded UK companies

• DJ EURO STOXX 50 - Euro Stoxx 50 includes 50 of the biggest European companies’ investment value

• NIFTY 50 – Is a selection of 50 major firms that trade on the National Stock Exchange of India

Trading indices in TRADEX1

•Indices are computed daily

•Indices trade with 1:100 leverage

•Quick moves and tight spreads

•Multiple formats Mobile, Web and desktop

•Variable ECN spread or fixed spread options

In trading with these different methods, there is little margin for error so by implanting these tools, most of the guess work is taken out of determining the best avenue to take when it comes to trading.