Gold Account


As the world is becoming a global village, trade is also diversified too. These trade will not be a success without the help of a gold account. TRADEX1 firm has been able to come up with a gold account that has enabled multinational trade to take place easily. Gold account clients have benefited from many of its accounts that you can trade with ranging from demo account that you begin with then real account. There is silver, gold, standard and VIP account. These various accounts are flexible and are there to enable you to trade online easily that gives a client an experience to trade. Gold account has got the following benefits that a client should not miss;

Having a gold account, client get a good customer care services. TRADEX1 firm customer care has a well-trained personnel who are multilingual. This personnel is there to help you trade smoothly from any place in the world. Customer care also provides support to a client to enable them the trade; they give them advice on how and when to trade.

The gold account is flexible that enables its client to trade in various business they prefer to engage in. For instance, gold account offers different trade instrument like forex, indices, stocks and commodity trade online. These reduce many costs involved in trading and also saves a lot of time that could be wasted.

The gold account also offers you various services that are friendly to its client, for instance, gold account enables you to trade in any monetary denomination that you prefer to trade with from dollar to yen to shilling. These make it possible for trader to trade anywhere in this world. TradeX1 also offer telephone trading to its client these enable them to access any trade they from any part of the world.

As the world is a global village ‘gold account is the only option that is remaining as a tool of trade, so it is better for a person to have the account for trade purpose.